Subcontractor Pre-Qualification

Subcontractor Pre-Qualification

Langehaumer Construction exists to build great things—great projects, great teams, a great network of highly qualified subcontractor partners.

With offices in Chicago, we have streamlined the prequalification process. As a subcontractor, you only need to prequalify with Langehaumer Construction once each year regardless of how many of our offices with which you would like to bid work.

To complete your subcontractor pre-qualification, complete this form:

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Status of Bidder

In which categories does the firm intend to bid? List the trades that your firm carries on the payroll and the number of people employed in each trade. (e.g. carpenters)
Type of Firm
Incorporated or Organized - Year & State
How many years have you operated under the above name?
How many full-time, non-trade/office employees does your firm have?
Number of years under present ownership?
Automobile Liability

Liability Comprehensive Insurance

Single Job Limit
Aggregate Limit
Bonding Co
Bonding Co Address
Bonding Co Contact Name & Phone
List firm's business volume for the last year (2013)

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